A prayer at a time of wildfires

Loving Lord, we come to you ...

Photo by Issy Bailey on Unsplash

A note from the author: The yellow skies outside on Wednesday stirred the need to pray. The first lines of the prayer were adapted from a morning prayer from the Church of Scotland. The wording of the second part was inspired in part by thoughts shared on Facebook by the Rev. Andrea Joy. The Spirit provides shared inspiration in a common concern.

Loving Lord,
We come to you,
the one who is God of all creation,
who brought forth life and light from emptiness and darkness,
who formed the restless oceans, the soaring skies, the beautiful and productive land.
Bring forth cleansing rains to help clear the air,
healing rains to help extinguish fires,
and revitalizing rains to inspire us to increase our care for your creation.