A prayer for Manipur

Union Presbyterian Seminary Professor James Taneti and student Nenio Pfuzeh shed light on the violence in Manipur with a prayer.

Nenio captures his home of Mao in Manipur. Photo by Nenio Pfuzeh.

The state of Manipur in India is burning and bleeding. The violence between the majority of Meiteis, most of whom are Hindus, and the minority of Kukis, most of whom are Christian, has spilled into adjacent regions. Since the violence began in May, at least 130 people have been killed and 400 wounded, leaving thousands in grief and shock. It has also displaced more than 60,000, with many fleeing for life to other parts of India. Mobs have been targeting women’s bodies as sites of conflict.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not comment on the violence until this week when a shocking video emerged of two Kuki women being assaulted by Meitei men. When the violence began in May, the Indian government disconnected internet services in the region, which, in turn, exacerbated the violence and made it harder to report.

Merciful God, thank you for the bonds that the Spirit creates between us humans across continents and cultures! In the face of uncertainty and despair, to whom else would we go and who does our help come from? You alone are the One, O sovereign God, we trust.

We pray for the state of Manipur, India, and all our siblings there. We pray for those who have lost their loved ones and those who wake up every day with threats to their lives. Remember your people made in your image, the Ancient One, and restore peace there. Meet them in their need and join them in their struggles for life and land, O Gracious God.

Grant wisdom, the Holy One, to leaders – national and global – that they protect the vulnerable and render justice. Give them and us the necessary courage and grace to resist injustice and struggle for peace. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers!