Eliza C. Jaremko

Eliza C. Jaremko is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, where she has served for 10 years. Outside of church life, you can find her chasing after her young children, enjoying days down the shore, and exploring America's National Parks.

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A church’s pilgrimage

At a recent session meeting, Eliza Jaremko and a group of elders took a pilgrimage into their church’s history. Only, they didn’t look for the glory of the past, they looked for the action of God.

The hard work of hope

"But hope is not a wish. ... Hope is trusting that no matter what pains or tragedies befall us, no matter what darkness envelopes us, no matter what grief we live with, that God is still here."

Lifelong learning

As Eliza Jaremko sends her eldest daughter off to kindergarten, she reflects that learning never stops — the church is proof of that.

acadia national park

God’s playground

“When I look at your mountains, at what your fingers have made — The rocks that the sea moves about from place to place — What are human beings that you have given this to us? What are human beings that we can play on this holy ground?”