David Joy

“It wasn’t that I was oblivious to class. I recognized some folks had more than others, that I had a little more..

Nina Coomes

“Silence made us more patient, more creaturely, somehow truer to ourselves.” – Nina Coomes, writing about her family’s annual Thanksgiving silent retreat..

Alexandra Petri,

“I am sick of having to suffer so a man can grow.” – Alexandra Petri, responding to the spate of sexual harassment revelations..

Lance Warren

“No matter the tribes we choose, the morally-minded decry the killing of innocent people. This is not a high bar for unity;..

U.W. Clemon

“I never envisioned that I would be fighting in 2017 essentially the same battle that I thought I won in 1971. But..

Ajshay James

“I love Houston. It’s still my city. It’s a beautiful cornucopia of hope, of diversity, and I’m praying it’s going to be..

Terrisha Phillips

“If I would have stayed in the house, trying to protect everything, I wouldn’t be here. I just let everything go.” –..

Brian McLaren

“Sin is the violation of love.” – Brian McLaren, author and pastor, speaking at a peace march in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug...

DeRay McKesson

“I’m mindful that we aren’t born ‘woke,’ but something wakes us up. For some people it was a tweet, or a Facebook..