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Kate Bowler

“Since most book buyers are female, it makes more [marketing] sense to play to a female audience. But when you want to..

Heidi Hall,

“I want an afterlife like my life has been: one like Revelation 7:9, a great multitude of diverse people existing together in..

Lee Hale

“People have so many reasons that they might not be walking into a church, and rarely is that reason that they don’t..

Andrea Mosie

“Every time you handle a sample, you … realize that you’re one of the few who will ever be doing this. …..

Ibram X. Kendi

“We need to read books that are difficult or unorthodox, that don’t go down easily. Books that force us to confront our..

Maddie Crum

“The name of the genre alone – self-help – suggests that in the face of hardship, be it personal or societal, the..

Nicolas Marang

“Something just collapsed inside me. One of the worst things I’ve ever seen.” – Paris resident Nicolas Marang on seeing Notre Dame..

Ford Hall

“I really believe that being open to being vulnerable in prayer with others helps us then be vulnerable in all of our..

Jason Pope

“I want to keep breaking bread with you. I want to live in a community again that eats and works and plays..