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Recalibrating our vision

"Our disabled bodies do not make us heroes, nor are we tragedies, but we hold within us the truth of the human experience: pain and joy dwell together. We are Good Friday and Easter, tomb and resurrection."

Book Reviews

My Body is Not a Prayer Request: Disability Justice in the Church

"[Amy] Kenny’s research, humor, approachable writing style and honesty make My Body is Not a Prayer Request a must-read for churches and faith communities who aspire to include the disabled community in their spaces, theology, language and day-to-day practices."

Outlook Features

True accessibility

“True accessibility means meeting people with disabilities where we are — not trying to change us, but making room so that we can be wholly ourselves as God created us to be,” writes Hunter Steinitz.


Disability awareness and advocacy

Who have we unintentionally excluded? What barriers keep the full body of Christ from gathering and participating? Whose voices are we talking over? Whose gifts and leadership remain untapped?

Insights columns

A toolkit for inclusion

"We hope to let every church know that you do not need to be exceptional; you don’t need a big budget or limitless volunteers. You just need to listen to people with disabilities."

Who is healing for?

"[O]ne of my favorite Bible stories is about the Gerasene demoniac (Mark 5:1-20). We perceive it as scary — but in truth, Jesus models how I want to be treated as someone with bipolar disorder."

Podcast Review