Hospitable Planet

hospitable-planetStephen A. Jurovics
Morehouse Publishing, New York. 176 pages

The author is an engineer with over 20 years of experience working on climate change mitigation. Yet that was not enough for him. He wanted to carefully search biblical teachings around the subject of climate change and protection of the environment. The result of his careful study of Genesis through Deuteronomy is this book. The subtitle gives you the structure: “faith, action and climate change.” Jurovics combines biblical exploration (faith) with practical application (action) around this most pressing of planetary concerns (climate change). Perhaps one wonders, as I do, whether people will read books to learn more about what concerns the entire human race and the creation that we share in covenant with God. I’m not certain, but I am convinced that this brief book can be a helpful resource for people of faith who want to combine their spirituality with concrete action, both personally and communally. It is a comprehensive overview that includes questions for conversation after each chapter. With the exploration of Genesis to Deuteronomy, the book could be a valuable discussion starter for Jewish/Christian partnering congregations looking to serve their local communities with better environmental stewardship practices. For those who doubt the science around climate change, the author’s background makes this a useful primer. In the end, the main point of this book is action that will benefit creation and those who intend to live upon it for years to come.