Prayer for Earth Day 2020

The earth is yours, Lord, and everything in it.

You make us stewards, entrusted to care for creation, ready always to give you an accounting of how we nurtured and tended that which belongs to you.

In your generosity and compassion, you give us sunsets awash in color, rivers gurgling over rocks, fireflies that glow in formation and crows that recognize human faces. The diversity, complexity and beauty of the earth stuns and sustains us.

While we shelter in place, the blooming dogwood provides relief from hopelessness and the returning pair of cardinals reminds us to give thanks for the present moment. As the skies clear and the dolphins play and the wildlife reclaim the woods, we lament the ways we damage the good you made, defy your command to be caretakers and abuse your beloved world.

May we learn well the lessons this quarantine has taught us, so that when we return to our travel, our work places, our schools, our unencumbered comings and goings, our capitalism and consumption, we will do so mindful of their impact on creation and ready to change our ways so that all your earth can flourish. Amen.