German evangelicals broadcast significant message (80 years ago)

80 years ago — June 5, 1940

As the United States heard the devastating news of European country after country falling to Nazi Germany, the Outlook brought voice to the words of a dissenting group of German Christians. “The German Confessional Church, composed of evangelicals who oppose Nazi domination of the church sent out an Easter message … ‘Wartime is a time of heavy responsibilities. … The preacher must seek to avoid misunderstandings. It must be clear that [the person] is proclaiming the gospel and not human opinions and judgements. It must be clear that [the preacher] is standing with burning heart in the power of the love of Jesus helping to bear its burdens and fight its fight. … The power for such genuine spiritual discipline can only come from prayer. May we ministers of the Word in this time be found to be true [people] of prayer, who make intercession … for all who hold authority in the German nation. May Christ grant us all the spirit of true intercessory prayer!’”

From “German evangelicals broadcast significant message”