Prayer for the climate change crisis


God, you have created all things. You have given us the gift of this world and all that is within it. You provide for us from your love and you entrust the care of the earth to the human family.

Forgive us, O God, for damaging and defiling your creation. Forgive us for using what you have given without regard for the effects of what we do upon your whole earth and its peoples. Forgive us for using resources in careless and reckless ways that do harm to your good creation. Forgive us for not caring strongly about our climate, our natural resources and the practices that will damage the gift of our earth and its environment.

Turn us around, O God. Turn us toward directions of care for your earth. Help us to desire the good of all your children and their welfare. May we adopt new practices and ways of using resources so the earth will be cared for through future years. Help us find ways to honor, sustain and protect the earth so all people may share in its resources in health, and safety, and peace.

Grant that we may restore the habitat you have given us, O God. Move us into new ways of care for creation and for all who inhabit the earth, our home. Bless the efforts of all who yearn for the fullness of your goodness and care to cover the earth. Move us by your Spirit to be at one with your creation and to seek bountiful lives for all.

Let all God’s people say: Amen.