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20 Years ago — “Women in Leadership’ seminar foresees the ‘Promise Land’”

Miriam of the wilderness narratives [describe a woman who] danced, sang, played the drums, led, prophesied, questioned authority, embraced diverse voices and died short of seeing the Promised Land of Canaan. At least, there is no biblical indication that Miriam ever saw the Promised Land.

Women in leadership, such as Miriam, are left to envision or picture for themselves the Promise Land in theological education…. At the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) annual Women in Leadership seminar, women discussed what these personal and institutional changes might entail … what would the Promised Land of theological education look like to women in faculty and administrative positions in ATS member schools?

ATS is aware that more and more women are moving into seminary faculty and administrative roles. The [“Women in Leadership” seminar] gave them support to survive and thrive in these roles of leadership … and strategies on moving forward. Participants had opportunities to envisage or form a mental picture of abundance and plenty in theological education. While no one entertained an illusion of a perfect institution, reports from conference “messengers” spoke of a good and strong land. For many Miriams in leadership, this is enough to continue the journey.

From the article, “Women in Leadership’ seminar foresees the ‘Promise Land’” by Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner