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A prayer for air quality

A prayer for those who are subject to poor air quality. May the God who gives us breath protect us, remind us, guide us and inspire us.

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

A note from the author: After seeing my friend Bill’s prayer, I engaged in conversations with friends impacted by the Canadian wildfire smoke. The Rev. Dr. So Jung Kim reminded me that people in places around the world face dangerous air quality every day. The Rev. Dr. Cheni Konje reminded me of the impact of poor air quality on our siblings who experience homelessness. It takes a village to pray.

God whose breath gives life,
we pray for those who deal with air quality
impacted by wildfires.
Protect the people who work to end the fires;
protect the people, flora, and fauna in the way of the fire;
protect the people who deal with smoke-filled air.
And remind us, O God.
Remind us of your beloved children, our siblings,
in places around the world
who experience poor or dangerous air quality every day,
with your air polluted, by traffic, by burning fields, by brick kilns,
by companies producing products for our leisure and pleasure
and placing factories in locations where people have less power,
and for other reasons.
And guide us, O God.
Guide us to hold government leaders and business leaders
in this country and around the world
accountable for air quality in all places.
And inspire us, O God.
Inspire us to care for individuals who must work outside.
Inspire us to care for our houseless siblings
who are exposed to dangerous air quality.
Inspire us as individuals, congregations and organizations
to take steps and support efforts to counter climate change now.
God who gives us breath,
protect us, remind us, guide us, inspire us,
we pray in Jesus’ name.