Doing Asian American Theology  

"Naming the ways in which Asian Americans harm each other and render ourselves invisible when we adopt the values of the dominant culture captured the emotional taxation many Asian American church leaders endure ­— often without even realizing it."

Paul Found in His Letters

"Martin’s goal – a worthy one – is to help preachers understand the real Paul so they and their congregations can learn from him, rather than be distracted by words that don’t fairly represent Paul’s beliefs."

Stories of My Life

"(Paterson’s) stories are also steeped with the universal challenges and heartbreak of childhood: feelings of being misunderstood, unlovable, lost, as well as the wonder and joy of absorbing life as it unfurls."

Forgiveness: An Alternative Account

"In Forgiveness, Episcopal priest and Harvard Divinity School professor Matthew Potts shows that a theology of demanding forgiveness (and even reconciliation) with wrongdoers can spiritually harm those who’ve been wronged."