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Unrevealed until its season

"Seeds were sown by my ancestors and countless others so one day I would carry their spirit of grace and healing into prison. Intergenerational incarceration is a reality. So is intergenerational healing."

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None of us knew

Dartinia Hull’s story of abuse, murder and her grandmother’s efforts to educate those caught in the school-to-prison pipeline.


Melting hearts

"Meeting the incarcerated men, sharing conversation and learning with them was a transformative and liberating experience for me. ... Mass incarceration became more than an issue I studied, and criminal justice reform more than a need for which I advocated."

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Do you know?

“Do you know the United States is the only country in the world that sends children to adult prisons to die?”

What no one can take away

"The subliminal messages of prison say: You are defined by your worst mistake. ... It is Hagar’s Community Church’s goal to communicate: You are so much more ... You belong to God."

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Podcast review: “Abraham’s Table”

"Launched in March 2022, podcast episodes explore why the hosts believe interfaith dialogue is essential today and what their religious traditions say about such timely topics as poverty, mental health and immigration."

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