Prayer for students taking exams

As we enter final exam season, Nadine Ellsworth-Moran offers a prayer for the test takers and paper writers.

Photo by Yustinus Tjiuwanda on Unsplash

Holy One, we come to you to pray for our students as they prepare for and take their final exams. We pray for those struggling with syntax and advanced mathematics, unraveling physics’ conundrums and searching for just the right quote; we pray for those with test anxiety whose nerves feel electric and frayed when they face the page or computer; we pray for the ones who waited late in the term to study, and for the ones who never missed a class, always taking good notes.

We lift up our students for their long days of reading, lab time, and problem-solving, for all who needed tutors and for those who helped their classmates along the way. For each of these students we ask a blessing, Lord — a blessing for a calm mind, steady hand, and confident heart; a blessing for knowing that when they give their best, it is good enough; a blessing for rest; a blessing for laughter with friends over study sessions; a blessing for peace in the moment and assurance that just as Christ was with them at the beginning, he is with them now, sure and steady to hold their anxiety.

Heavenly parent, we ask that you encounter the students taking exams: relieve the pressure they feel, and remind them that, yes, this work is important, but a grade does not define who they are.

May our students know they are loved by the Teacher, and all will be well. Amen.