Christmas Beatitudes

Christian Iosso writes: "Blessed are those who have no 'home for the holidays,' without jobs or funds to buy gifts, who have outlived their friends..."

Photo by Darya Tryfanava on Unsplash

Inspired by Matthew 5:1-12 and other Scripture.

Blessed are those who have no “home for the holidays,”
For they will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Blessed are those in solitary without visitors,
For Jesus will come into their cells and sup with them.
Blessed are those who try to drink their way through Christmas,
For their thirst for the eternal will be quenched.
Blessed are those without jobs or funds to buy gifts
For they will find the hidden treasure of the parables.
Blessed are those being bombed without mercy or escape,
For they will find the peace that passes understanding.
Blessed are the children whose parents have died,
For God will wipe the tears from their eyes and hold them close.
Blessed are those stuck in refugee camps,
For they will find a promised land of welcome.
Blessed are those who have outlived all their friends,
For they will sense around them the great cloud of witnesses.
Blessed are the prophets who cannot forget the suffering,
For they will see the Lamb who was slain lifted up in the power of love.
Blessed are those who avoid thinking of children,
For they may see God’s face in the smile of a baby cradled in a manger.

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