Called to imagine

"Rather than deny our own capacity to help, let us explore the resources we have and imagine new ways we might meet the needs before us."

Seeking the perfect match

"In this summer books issue, we’ve curated book reviews and recommendations that we hope meet the needs of your soul. Picking a book from these pages might still be like going on a date. But we hope it’s more like a match set up by a good friend. Happy reading!"

Disability awareness and advocacy

Who have we unintentionally excluded? What barriers keep the full body of Christ from gathering and participating? Whose voices are we talking over? Whose gifts and leadership remain untapped?

Nature personified 

In adrienne maree brown’s futuristic short story “the river,” a Detroit girl makes extra money by taking passengers on boat tours.

Seeing red

Debates over masks, vaccines and critical race theory have escalated. Brawls are breaking out on airplanes. In my small town’s rural district,..