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Goodbye, thank you, and a prayer


On my last day as editor of the Presbyterian Outlook, I want to say one final time: Thank you! I will cherish this season of ministry and rejoice always in the people with whom I’ve had the privilege of working alongside. I leave you with this prayer:

God who calls and sends, creates and names us, you make of us one people, one household, one body. We too often fail to treasure the gift of one another, but in times of transition, in notable milestones and moments of clarity, you grant us glimpses of the grace afforded us in our relationships with each other. For writers who attempt to shape the world through your Word and theirs, we thank you. For pastors and educators, elders, deacons and all those who use their talents to point people to you, we thank you. For colleagues who are also friends, those who walk alongside us in stress, help us when we are overwhelmed, bring out our best and keep us focused on our mission, we thank you. For those who read and comment, share and challenge, we thank you. For board members and volunteers who set the vision and put in the work to bring it to fruition, we thank you. For those who keep track of the money, read the spreadsheets and make sure the bills get paid, we thank you. For all the people who donate and pray, encourage and believe in us, we thank you. For family who cheer us on and understand when our work takes us away from them, the people closest to us who see us at our worst and love us anyway, we thank you. For the unfathomable joy of our common life together with all its challenges and complexities, its suffering and beauty, its tenacity and tenuousness, its tenderness and resilience, we give you thanks. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Thank you.