Andrew Taylor-Troutman

Andrew Taylor-Troutman is the author of Little Big Moments, a collection of mini-essays about parenting and Tigers, Mice & Strawberries: Poems. Taylor-Troutman lives in Chapel Hill where he serves as pastor of Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church and occasionally stumbles upon the wondrous while in search of his next cup of coffee.

More Stories from this Author

A top hat and tails

It can be tempting to harden our hearts as protection. What would life look like if we lived like daffodils blooming in late winter? Like a middle schooler wearing a top hat and tails to a dance?

In praise of mischief

Andrew Taylor-Troutman, a father of two young boys, wonders if there is something sacred in mischief, even as it is sometimes annoying.

Song of ascent

Andrew Taylor-Troutman remembers a friend who passed away, who taught him the connection between a song of ascent and Psalm 23.