The top 10 Outlook stories of 2022

We've covered a lot of ground in 2022 including national news, denominational meetings, a three-week General Assembly and a year's worth of Sundays and holidays. Outside of our weekly worship resources, these are the most popular stories from 2022.

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

  1. A once-dying church hopes to reinvent itself with coffee and kindness

    Embrace Church had two years left to live. Rather than wait for the end, the church sold its building, reinvented itself and invested in a local coffee house. — RNS

  2. I was riveted and troubled by the queen’s state funeral

    Jay Blossom appreciates theologians like William Willimon and Stanley Hauerwas who argue against state religion and Christian nationalism. And yet, something deeply moved him about Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday.

  3. PC(USA) church leaders react to decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

    Nelson, Moffett, other church leaders share sadness, anger and frustration.

  4. Did Jesus whip people? Personal reflections on a troubling Bible story

    Bruce Gillette argues that the New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition (NRSVue) mistranslates John 2:13-22.

  5. This is not your backup plan – An open letter from a chaplain

    “I’m called to be a chaplain. I didn’t settle for this vocation. I am not a chaplain because I couldn’t cut it in the parish. I truly believe the Holy Spirit guided me here.” — Jeremy Wilhelmi

  6. Why you should listen to Bad Bunny

    Alex Evangelista explores the depths of social, political and spiritual significance, along with the joy, in the music of the hit Puerto Rican recording artist.

  7. Ex-vangelicals are coming: How will mainline denominations welcome them?

    Jon Mathieu, who helps to lead a new worshipping community focused on ex-evangelicals, offers some advice on how mainline churches can care for this group.

  8. Our place in queer church history

    Erin Angeli reflects on the workshop she led with LGBTQIA+ teens about some queer saints of the church.

  9. Reading banned books: Bridge to Terabithia

    Pastor and writer Kathleen Long Bostrom reflects on the lessons Bridge to Terabithia contains for her life and the recent call to ban it. Can we build a bridge to understanding, she wonders?

  10. 10 myths about parliamentary procedure and Presbyterian meetings

    Jim Slaughter, a certified professional parliamentarian, offers some tips on using Robert’s Rules of Order.