dying plant

A work in progress

Jenny McDevitt reflects that hope finds a way; that creation hasn’t given up on us yet, despite overwhelming rationale for doing so; that, while it may be too late to fix everything, we can still fix some things.

Comfort in hard things

"There is a beauty when everything is in its correct place and we move from A to B. But that’s not how life works. I’m pretty sure that’s not how God works either."

A charge to remember

In this last interview, Cannon articulates a thought, quoting Morrison: “there is always ‘a before’ that makes a beginning possible.” This afternoon, I charge you to re-member by recalling the “before” that makes this day possible.

Limitless forgiveness

"When someone hurts us – especially repeatedly – we tend to merge the doer with the deed(s). To embody fire-hose forgiveness, we must unstick the deed(s) from the doer."