Advent as a Borderland

"This issue of the Outlook centers Latinx voices to help us attend to alternative perspectives in this borderland season of our liturgical year. ... Who are we in this in-between space? What role does our faith play here?"

What no one can take away

"The subliminal messages of prison say: You are defined by your worst mistake. ... It is Hagar’s Community Church’s goal to communicate: You are so much more ... You belong to God."

A reminder for election season

Charles D. Myers invites Christians to put aside differences and think in a "more excellent way" (1 Corinthians 12:31), claiming faith and truth, justice and inclusion, love and compassion in a united voice.

Unrevealed until its season

"Seeds were sown by my ancestors and countless others so one day I would carry their spirit of grace and healing into prison. Intergenerational incarceration is a reality. So is intergenerational healing."