The power of naming

Matthew Skolnik reflects how, as a church, we need to harness the power of naming our struggles honestly and openly. What would happen if we named the death of Christendom?

What is the future of Columbia Theological Seminary?

Using the seminary's digital archives, CTS alum Rev. Andrew Whaley examines 50+ years of graduating classes. He discovers there's been a drastic drop in class size over the past 10 years. What does this mean for the future of the school, he asks?

broken glass

Hope for shattered pieces

Rev. Quincy Worthington, pastor at Highland Park Presbyterian Church north of Chicago, shares an honest reflection after the mass shooting at the Highland Park July 4 parade. Is there hope for life when we feel like shards of glass?

Seeking the perfect match

"In this summer books issue, we’ve curated book reviews and recommendations that we hope meet the needs of your soul. Picking a book from these pages might still be like going on a date. But we hope it’s more like a match set up by a good friend. Happy reading!"