Gun Display Stands. Pistols for sale in the store.

Curious conversation

America’s at an impasse in the gun legislation debate. What if churches led the way through honest curiosity, Eliza C. Jaremko wonders?

Teamwork of multi-ethnic and multicultural people working together. Concept of community of different people. Unity and solidarity between people of different cultures. Concept of activist and protest movement. Friendship, solidarity, tolerance and brotherhood among peoples. International and multicultural society and population. Cooperation between communities. Anti-racism protest. Volunteer concept. Collaboration and teamwork between colleagues. People who are active for peace, for a clean environment and for social justice

How can we care for ruling elders?

In the PC(USA), there’s a lot of focus on pastor burnout — and rightly so. But lay leaders are also facing exhaustion, and we need to care for them, writes Phillip Blackburn.

Discussion guide for June 2023 issue

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